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Specialised Training in Library Science :
  1 Completed 5th Training course in Health Science Librarianship 22.08.1983 to 24.09.1983 at National Medical Library (DHGS), New Delhi.
2 Completed the Excerpta Medica Training Programme-I, conducted by MrA.J.Eger, at National Library, New Delhi, Sept. 19, 1983.
3 Completed "MEDLINE" Data-base search programme during the workshop on "Medical Information Science at ICMR", New Delhi, conducted by KIBIC (Karolinska Institute Bibliotheque Information Centre, Stockholm), Apr 17-19, 1984.
4 Attended the workshop on "On-line Access to International Information System in Science and Technology", 29-30, Apr 1985, held at Regional Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, organized by Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
5 Attended the workshop on "Information Technology and Library Automation", Apr 10-12 1986, at IMCR-NIC Centre for Biomedical Information, National Informatics Centre, New Delhi.
6 Attended the workshop on "Application of Information Technology in Biomedical Librarianship", conducted by British Council and Indian Medical Library Association (Western Region) Jan 12-13, 1989, at Sarabhai Research Centre, Vadodara, Gujarat.
7 Attended Training programme in Thesaurus preparation held at NIC (DoE) New Delhi, March 19-24, 1990.
8 Attended one month training course in Computer Applications at NIN, Hyderabad, March 15, 1992-Apr 15, 1992.
9 Attended the course on "Medical Information Management Techniques" at NIC (DoE), New Delhi, June 15-19, 1992.
10 Completed Training Course on Bibliometrics sponsored by ICMR, conducted at INSDOC, New Delhi - from 19th to 24th Feb. 96.
11 Completed the course on Library Automation, Information Retrieval and Networking at DRTC, Bangalore, 18.01.99 to 26.02.99.
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