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Creative Works, Others :
  1   I worked as Rapporteur-General during Medical Library Association of India (MLAI) National Conferences, held in 1992 and 1993, at Ahmedabad and New Delhi respectively.
2 My paper co-authored with M.Devidas and S.Radhakrishna Murthy "Biomedical Library and Information Facilities in A.P." MLAI Convention, oct'1993, was adjudged as one of the award winning papers, during MLAI Conference held in Oct '1993 at New Delhi.
3 I was elected as the Editorial Committee Member of MLAI (Medical Library Association of India) Bulletin, 1990, 2003.
4 I was elected as the Executive Committee Member of the MLAI for 1992-95, and for 2002-2004.
5 I was nominated to the "Special Publications Committee" of the Platinum Jubillee Celebrations held at NIN, in Nov ' 1993.
6 I was nominated to the "Scientific Programme Committee" of the International Symp held at Laboratory Animals Information Centre (LAISC), held at Hyderabad, in Sept '1994.
7 I have served in several of the Library Staff Selection Committees at local institutes such as IICT (CSIR): NGRI (CSIR); NIRD; Pollution Control Board, A.P.Govt., Hyderabad, etc.
8   I was instrumental in purchasing the LIBRIS software for Library and NIN Library data is now made available on the LAN at URL<http://library4/nin>. WEB-OPAC and bar-code facilities are being implemented at NIN Library in a phased manner.
9 Due to my initiative, NIN Library has formed an e-mail group at < librarians> <icmrlibrarians@yahoo>
10 Due to my efforts, NIN has formed a part of ICICI.  Knowledge Park, Hyderabad during2002, which has a full bearing on NIN Library services. <www.jccc-vic.>
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