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Bibliography of Papers
  1 Sampatha Chary, K : Role of medical libraries in supporting research: a study (Abstract) In Souvenir of 4th MLAI National convention, held at Ahmedabad, Oct 3-5, 1991.  Abstract No. 21.
  2 Komala Rao, R and K. Sampatha Chary : Recent advances in library research methods in medical sciences : a study.  In "Information technology and health science libraries". MLAI - 93 National Convention, Oct 13-16, 1993 at AIIMS, New Delhi, 173-179, 1993.
  3 Sampatha Chary, K., M. Devidas and S. Radhakrishna Murthy : Biomedical library and information facilities in Andhra Pradesh : a study with special reference to nutrition information facilities.  In "Information technology and health science libraries".  MLAI - 93 National Convention, Oct 13-16, 1993 at AIIMS, New Delhi, 173-179, 1993.
  4 Sampatha Chary, K., M. Devidas and S. Radhakrishna Murthy : A Note on the User Education Programme (UEP) in nutrition research : Prospect and in retrospect.  In : "Proc. Of the MLAI-94 National Convention, held at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, 15-17, Dec, 1994.  A14.1-5pp, 1994.
  5 Sampatha Chary, K : Impact of information technology in nutrition and allied sciences : some recent developments In "Health Information for the Global Village: Proc. Of the 7th ICML May 10-12, Washington, ed by Eve-Marie Lacroix. Washington, 7th ICML, P.402, 1995.
  6 Komala Rao, R., Sampatha Chary, K : Health information networks for meeting the urgency of information support (Abstract).  In "MLAI-95 National Convention, held on Dec. 22-24, 1995 at Chandigarh. P.52, 1995.
  7 Sampatha Chary, K., Devidas, M. and S. Radhakrishna Murthy : Marketing information services/products in nutrition and allied sciences : somethoughts. In "marketing of Health Information Services and products, MLAI National Convention held at NIMH, Hyderabad, Nov. 14-16, 1996.  Hyderabad, Delta Publishing House, 113-117, 1996.
  8 Sampatha Chary, K., Pari, C., Kulkarni, P., Sathiah, G : Profiles of some important health science libraries and documentation centers in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.  In "Souvenir of MLAI-96 National Convention.  Hyderabad, NIMH, 41-44, 1996.
  9 Sampatha Chary, K and Devidas, M: Medical Information activities march ahead : an approach to information system in nutrition science for the country.  (Abstract) MLAI-97.  National Convention, 27-29, Nov '97.  SGPGIMS, Lucknow.  P 70, 1997.
  10 Sampatha Chary, K., Devidas, M, Narayana, B : Information resources in nutrition science : a study with special reference to secondary and tertiary sources of information (Abstract). In "MLAI  99 : National Convention, 2-4, Dec. 1999, held at MGM Medical College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai, P.16, 1999.
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